April 27, 2017

Made for a Purpose Book Review

Summary: Christian themed book all about helping children learn God's Purpose while learning about animals along the way.

Details: Beautiful watercolor painted images full of realistic texture, color, life, vibrancy, and beauty.  Each page in itself is a masterpiece from an Artistic standpoint.  Kristie Wilde is both author and illustrator which makes this quality even more spectacular because of all the work, time, and imagination she had put into her book.  This is book One of her Joyful Creation Series, and if it's this good, you know the next books to come will be amazing too.

My Review:  I got this book for my 7 year old son, who has just this year in school gotten to the point of being very confident in his reading skills, to the point of willing to read out loud for us to hear him.  He has had a hard time finding books that he enjoys reading, so as a Mom I am always on the hunt for the next book to give him pleasure, joy and confidence in his reading.  He loves turtles with a capital LOVES LOVES LOVES TURTLES!!!!! attitude.  Even though this book has many different animals in it, it has turtles on the front and that helped my son desire to read this book. Not only had Kristie given us a wonderfully well written children's book, 19 artistic masterpieces in watercolor, but she has added her own sense of humor into the font of the book as she gives us some information about each animal.  It is not just a Christian Children's book, but rather an Educational Christian Children's book.  Both my 7 year old and my 10 year old have enjoyed reading this book often since receiving it in the mail, which has been such a blessing to me, as they struggle with a love for reading.  I am very grateful to authors who know how to captivate children on so many levels with their imagery, storytelling, and keen sense of sharing information children want to learn about in book form for said children.

Here is a link where you may purchase this book if you want to enjoy it as well.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful review for Made for a Purpose!
    I want to let you know that my second book, So Great a Love will be available for BookCrash reviews soon. I hope you'll keep your eyes out for it.
    I would like to use part of your review in some of my promotional efforts. I'll be crediting the statements to Sand Glass Design unless you would like me to use a different name.

    Thanks again,
    Kristie Wilde