December 2, 2016

A Servant Like Jesus Book Review

Let me start that the 5 star rating came from my kids, not just me...

First of all Dan Sharp is a great illustrator, his characters are beautiful, bright and vibrant! Perfect for a kid's book. The story that Ms. Mancini had brought to life here in "A Servant Like Jesus" is a cute sweet learning story for all children. We used it during story time at school, which was perfect because it's about a classroom. My 7 year old learned to read this year, and when he saw the book in my stack of workbooks he 1. asked if we could start with that book, 2. asked if he could read, 3. started reading before I was completely ready to start school today. 

LET ME TELL YOU WHAT! I wanted to cry because he has been fighting reading for a year and a half, so for him to give me 3 amazing surprises all based around a book I could cry. He loved the characters, (especially the Crab Charlie, because my 7 year old LOVES crabs), he loved the story, loved the message about Jesus (since we're celebrating Christmas right now, and he's looking for more ways to be like Jesus), and best of all loved going back through the whole story to find the hidden Bibles on each page. In fact he re-read the book after school was over just because he loved this book so much! To show you how amazing this miracle is, he has currently only read short level 1 readers with 10 or less words per page. This book is 32 pages long with an average of 12+ words per page.

My 10 year old loved this too, we all took turns reading together which was a great family experience! It was a reading without tears, without being angry or stressed or frustrated by any of us. My kids already want me to start looking for more books like this, so Ms. Lee Ann Mancini please keep writing more!

To comply with the Federal Trade Commision's regulations, I must mention as part of every review because of BookCrash, that the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book, through BookCrash, in exchange for an honest non biased review.

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